I'm sure you have some questions...

here are some common ones

Do I have to be pregnant or a mother to book in with you?

Absolutely not! My mobile service is designed with the mother in mind, but if coming in to the clinic is not an option for you I am more than happy to accommodate to your needs. The clinic space is for everyone, and designed more for my non-maternal clients in mind.

If you need to make a special booking please email me.

Do you do gift vouchers?

Heck yes! What a wonderful gift a massage is! I have both physical cards and PDF vouchers available for whatever amount you like. The most popular are the 5 Pack, the 1.5 hrs home visit and the Clinic massage. Email me to orgaise one, or pick one up from the Clinic during opening hours.  

Do you use a special pregnancy table with a hole for my belly?

No, I don't.  For a few reasons. Firstly, your safety and the safety of your baby is of the upmost importance and I've decided that there isn't enough evidence to support their use. Lying on your pregnant belly, after the first 20 weeks, even when "supported", strains ligaments of the uterus, and pelvis. Also there is no one size fits all for these tables. What may be comfortable for you may not be for the next belly. Many women report back pain and feeling unwell when massaged in this position when pregnant. 

I treat you in a semi-reclined and side lying position, both of which are usually comfortable and much safer for you and your baby. I use heaps of pillows and work with you to find a position that you feel most supported. 

Can I get a pregnancy massage before 12 weeks?

YES! its a huge dirty myth that massage is contraindicated before this time. Massage is very safe and nothing I do in a session could possibly bring on miscarriage that wasn't going to happen anyways.
Many practitioners avoid treatment in the first 12 weeks for INSURANCE purposes only! I will not deny my clients the pleasure of a massage for fear of being sued. 
Miscarriage is an incredibly unfortunate event, caused by a multitude of factors, many of which are out of our control.
To be on the safe side, I avoid certain essential oils, use safe positioning and work with my clients to ensure their comfort and pleasure is front and centre.

Do you do induction massage? Can you bring on my labour?

Look, unfortunately if massage worked for inducing labour, I wouldn't have gone 3 weeks over due with my little guy! Massage is an excellent way to pass the time waiting for babe to arrive (when they're good and ready) and can help prepare you for labour in the sense that it is theraputic for mind body and soul, but sadly, no. No, I cannot bring on your labour.

Can I bring my baby to the clinic?

Mums, please let me come to you instead! A home massage is fine as long as your kids are being supervised by someone while you enjoy your massage. Newborns are welcome with you on the table or in their pram or bassinet next to the table. I am happy to work around breastfeeding etc. 
The clinic is accessible, so a pram is welcome if you absolutely must bring your brand new bubba. However, the clinic isn't really suitable for children. 
I ask you not to bring your toddlers or older kids, as I share the space with other practitioners and their clients, and you will not enjoy your massage if you're trying to manage your kids behaviour. It will be a waste of your precious time and money and who wants that? 
For your own sake, arrange your massage time when you're able to get grandma or friend to babysit, and factor in some chill time too!

What will my first session be like?

A mobile session with me looks a bit like this. I arrive at your place ( please don't tidy for me!) and we choose a good room to set up. I run you a foot bath and give you a form to fill out while you soak your feet. I will use this time to set up the table. Then we have a chat and agree to a treatment plan. During your massage I check with you for pressure and comfort. Sometimes we chat about pregnancy and birth, other times a silent session may suit ( feel free to request one!)  

Afterwards, I make you a cuppa while you dress and relax. I pack up and sneak out leaving you in peace. This usually takes 1.5 hrs of your time.

At the clinic its much the same, however you may have to wait for me in the waiting room if I am with a client. Your intake form and foot spa should be ready for you and there are plenty of magazines to read! Clinic sessions are 1 hr unless otherwise pre-arranged. 

Do I have to get nekid?

My preference is for clients to leave on their underwear, as this is more hygienic and usually a lot less awkward for both of us.  You're welcome to leave on as much of your clothing as you wish, however this may interfere with the flow and style of massage I deliver. I drape you with nice big towels, always keeping your body covered and snug unless its being massaged.

Do you treat patients with severe health problems?

Yes, I am open to treating anyone and everyone. However, I will never claim to be a miracle healer. I always encourage my clients to work with their health practitioners along side massage. I am more than happy to refer a client I feel is out of my depth, and will never attempt to "fix" you. Massage is wonderful, but unless you are supported with adequate rest, nutrition, exercise and mental health support, what I do alone will not be appropriate treatment for any serious health issues. If you are unsure if massage is suitable for your condition, feel free to contact me after consulting with your Doctor, Midwife, Naturopath, Osteopath etc

Do we have to talk?

I need a few words of consent from you, but otherwise NOPE! If you want a quiet session please let me know! I'm more than happy to shut up but I sometimes need reminding!

What happens if I go into labour and can't make my appointment?

My cancellation policy is very forgiving, I understand that life happens! If you can give me as much notice as possible that would hugely appreciated! Going into labour will not attract a cancellation fee, I will be nothing but over the moon for you! 
For any other reason, please note that a cancellation without re-booking with under 12 hrs notice will attract a 50% fee, or a massage removed from your 5 pack. I am running a busy little business and I could give that time slot to other client in need if I have enough time. Thanks for understanding!

I just googled Gua Sha and Cupping and I'm terrified you're going to leave me with hideous bruises! Is it really going to hurt!?

Nah, the circle cupping marks aren't painful, and my gliding silicone cupping wont leave you marked up. The marks stagnant cups leave are not true bruises, and tissue damage is trivial. These fade within a few days. The "Sha" of Gua Sha is similar, petechiae is light speckling on the skin due to abrasion caused from the tools scraping against it. Facial Gua Sha is too delicate to cause petechiae. The benefits of both these treatment far outweigh the light skin discolouration some experience. A lot of the images used online are extreme examples and are not representative of what I do with these tools.

Do you offer health fund rebates?

No, not currently. To offer these I need a provider number, given to me by my association. I am fully qualified and have been a member of both ANTA and AAMT ( now MMA) is the past, but I am not a current member. It costs me hundreds of dollars a year and requires hours of paperwork that as a new mum I wasn't really prepared to wrap my head around,  so I let my membership lapse. I am working to re-instate my association membership so I can provide health rebates again. In the mean time my prices fairly reflect this.