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No matter where you are on your journey into motherhood, I am here to support you, either in your own home, or in the clinic space.

Not Pregnant? No worries!

I also offer a range of wonderful treatments for every body at the Nimbus Co in Byron Bay. 


From conception through to being over-due. All stages of pregnancy benefit from massage.  Safe positioning, well supported and tailored to your specific needs and desired pressure. Pregnancy safe oils used.

Great for addressing pregnancy related aches and pains, busting stress and anxiety around pregnancy and birth, and connecting in with your body and your baby.


The birth of the baby brings the birth of the mother. Matriessence and the postpartum period is a challenging time whether it is your first or fifth pregnancy. Support the body, emotional and mental well-being through massage.

Available and recommended as a home visit, this is to accommodate for the trickiness of early postpartum, breastfeeding breaks, resettling etc. Your baby is welcome to attend your sessions, although for best results I suggest getting a loved one to care for them for the majority of your massage.


A mother of a massage, for mamas at all stages of motherhood, to help rest, reset and refill your cup.


Deep tissue, targeted relief for conditions such as back pain, neck pain, rotator cuff injuries, sciatica, ITB pain, postural imbalance etc. 
Trigger point therapy, Korean cupping and Gua Sha may be included where necessary.


Available when requested with any massage.
Cupping therapy without the circle marks! Gliding cupping performed with medical grade silicone suction cups, a very effective method to stretch and release fascia adhesion and promote healthy tissue. Increases circulation,  releases old holding patterns, supports muscle repair and recovery.

Gua Sha is a gentle version of the TCM tool assisted massage technique, also known as scraping. Performed with beautiful, healing crystals. Lymphatic drainage, acupressure, meridian dredging and a natural face lift.


A home visit tailored to your situation. Learn pregnancy massage techniques to help support each other during pregnancy and labour. 

Includes tool kit and resources. 

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